Due diligence

Conduct full AML/CFT customer due diligence.

Risk management

Assess the client's risks and cooperation status.

Sanctions control

Check person sanction lists automatically.


Online tool + Learning material


Customer surveys

Customer surveys and risk forms




Monitoring of sanctions

National and international sanctions lists


Subjekta darbībai

NILLTPFN likuma subjektiem VID uzraudzībā.

Grāmatveža licencei

Ārpakalpojumu grāmatvežu licencēšanai VID.

Sankciju kontrolei

Ikvienai organizācijai sankciju likuma izpildei.

Personāla apmācībai

Personāla apmācībām par IKS un sankcijām.


Anketas un risku veidlapas




Sankciju monitorings

Nacionālie un starptautiskie sankciju saraksti


Due diligence functionality

Klientu monitorings

Client due diligence & monitoring

System notifications inform users by summarizing current changes in client data and facilitating client monitoring. Those can be easily reviewed, marked as read, deleted, as well as exported in a user-friendly format.

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Sankciju monitorings

Sanction lists monitoring

The customer's related persons are automatically obtained from the registers or added manually. Information is checked in sanctions lists. The checks are repeated and frequent, notifying the user of any matches found.

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Klientu izpētes anketas

Interactive customer surveys

An interactive and configurable customer survey process facilitates investigation and subsequent risk assessment. By using available templates or by creating your own surveys, all necessary customer information is obtained and collected in one place.

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Risku novērtējums

Automated risk assessment

Customer information submitted in the interactive surveys is evaluated according to risk configurations created by the user. The system automatically determines the level of risk, and the user can then decide about cooperation with the customer.

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IKS žurnāls

KYC activity log

The system logs users’ activities and facilitates their further review. Details of operations such as importing, creating, updating or deleting a client are stored and displayed in a table. It is possible to export and print KYC activity data in a user-friendly format.

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showcase 8

Digital documents register

Uploading files to the system allows transparent grouping of documents related to specific client due diligence, providing a client file register, as well as creating and structuring the internal documentation and methodologies.

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Learning materials & trainings


Learning materials & samples

A wide number of sample learning materials and documents are available in the system. Using these samples, organize the operation of the internal control system and ensure compliance with the requirements of AML/CTF and sanctions regulatory acts.

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Subject trainings & certification

Users have access to training materials on customer research management, risk and sanctions management, regulatory news, and current events. It is possible to receive a certificate after watching expert presentations and video recordings of lectures.

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Complete AML/KYC package in one solution

Risk mitigation

The system is based on current regulatory enactments, sanctions lists, guidelines of supervisory authorities and control requirements.

Cloud solution

24/7 access provided to all system modules. Multiple users can simultaneously work with the tool while investigating customers.

Easy configuration

Change the settings of the internal control system, customer investigation surveys and risk configurations according to your requirements.

Support Center

Modules of the system are safe, simple, and understandable in everyday use. You can easily get help from our support center.


Ārpakalpojuma grāmatveža licence: Blogs



Sankciju likums: Blogs





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Internal control system and sanctions monitoring

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